About Us

About our company

ST Circuit Design & Contract Pte Ltd was established in 1 November 1992 founder by Mr Eddy Sek, we aims at providing comprehensive and effective solutions to our industrial customers with assistance on the implementation process. We strive to work hand-in-hand with our customer from a vague conceptualization to prototyping to manufacturing. Our turnkey solutions effectively reduce your development time and cost through our experience team of engineers.

Quality Policy

" Exceeding Customers’ Expectations through Consistent Delivery of High Quality Products and Services "

The Management and Staff of ST Circuit Design and Contract Pte Ltd are committed to implement a Quality Management System so that its Products and Services meet our customer’s requirements at all time.


Advanced manufacturing technology to provide high quality products


Competitive price


Quick response to customer needs

Quality objectives

The quality objectives are set specifically in line with the quality policy and are to be achieved within a specified time frame. These quality objectives as followed are to be closely monitored and reviewed.
our scope

" Design and Development and Contract Manufacturing of Electronics Product "


Our Say

Quality Management

ST Circuit Design & Contract Pte Ltd has in place a comprehensive quality management program at every stage in its all process. Our stringent process documentation control has earned the accreditation of an ISO9001:2015 certified company. Regular internal audits ensure that these systems and policies are also firmly adhered to at every stage of our process.

Continuous learning

Our company also send our staffs to attend external courses (IPC, process knowledge, soft skills or technical skills) to upgrade their knowledge and skills. For Internal training top management willing to share their experience and hand-on skills, process knowledge to the rest of employees. Top management always said ‘There is no ‘wrong; in life. Nothing is a mistake, everything is an experience and learn from your mistake.’ Our company believes life is a never ending learning process. Employees learn with positive attitude and mindset. We encourage employees to think outside of the box to explore new areas for creativity and innovative ideas.

Work-life flexibility

ST Circuit Design & Contract Pte Ltd believes that a healthy lifestyle and comfortable workplace so work-life balance is to the diverse for our staffs, to achieve work-life effectiveness that benefits Self, Family and Friends. Work from home or exercise if you need to. Productivity is higher than forcing you to sit at your desks and crank your own work. We trust you will get the job done wherever you are. We respect one another. We seek to build a positive work environment. Decorate your workspace if you like. Our Company also organise many exciting and fun-filled activities, to help us relax and get to know each other better as part of our work-life harmony. 


A positive work culture and environment enables our staffs to feel more comfortable workplace.

Family and friends

Work aside, we encourage our staff members to strengthen their relationships with their family, relatives and friends.

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